KUL Ecoloch

Kul Ecoloch a place where life can be lived with peace, joy and fun. After a depth study and understanding the need of complete life Kul Ecoloch is being launched. This multi-dimensional approach has a balanced varied need of life. In this venture life is enriched with thoughtful features and is situated in an ideal location where all your social needs are addressed. There is a rare avenue to explore your spiritual side and make space for academic development. All the essential needs are present here to keep your abundance intact without compromising on your life style.

Kul Ecoloch is based upon 4 driving principles that not only offers a great home but a great life experience. The first principle is holistic living. It is all about providing a living that is superior in every way possible. In this living the mind & spirit both find solace.

Second principle is research oriented planning. It gives due importance to the aspect of planning. All great things in life begin with great planning. The habits of human behavior, their interaction with their homes, migration and employment patterns, all of these ideas are taken into consideration before any space is designed.

Third principle is structural perfection. It is based upon the science of vaastu and the idea of zero wastage. The elements of nature like air & sunlight are perfectly woven into the home experience. Dead spaces are nonexistent in the aesthetically designed architectural perfection of the project.

Fourth principle is complete value, which fulfills every single aspect of KUL Townships. From the location of the project to maintenance cost we lift the burden of urban life off your shoulders. Each space here spells of value & gratitude in the norm here. No frills only utility translates into low maintenance. The place is the ideal destination for a pampered life that is not ruined.