About us

Our new prime shades form KUL gray identity draws ideas from the convenience and the beauty of a flower. It also tosses light on our journey till today, which is comparable to that of a small bud that grows steadily to become a vivid flower. Thus, our new identification showcases our growth from humble roots, to our vision for a green future. In short, this identity is a clear reflection of our evolution, describing the creativeness and effectiveness of our organization.

KUL‘ is not simply just an organization it is a icon of harmony, the apex of togetherness, in short a trend that promises to enhance the lives of each one we touch upon. Today the KUL is expertly managed under the guidance of the chairman Shri. Lalitkumar Jain by a group of experienced and devoted professionals & managers have vast experience & skills in the field of real estate infrastructure development, project preparing and execution, legal matters, procurement and marketing.