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KUL Nation

Kul Nation a kingdom where a secure & comfortable home are present which is a stepping stone for happiness. Kul Nation is the symbol of power, prosperity and strength. A place where individuals & families come together to create a new environ & lifestyle of living happy lives & long lives is present here. When like-minded people come together, they bring along with them their ideas, value systems, opinions, beliefs, knowledge & experiences. Together they go to create a world, where every day is a blessing & every moment is filled with absolute happiness. The shield as an emblem will soon be the face for KUL Nation, recognized by all across Pune and its neighboring regions. Packed with energy this firm and striking shield will soon be the face for happiness in Pune. Living in a secure home without worrying about their loved ones is a vision every individual has. KUL Nation, with its eye on creating the perfect place of residence for its citizens, offers a place where life blooms in its entire splendor. Peace of mind and serenity rule here. Knowing the kingdom is theirs and that it will watch out for their well-being generates a sense of belonging. One glance at the emblem on their own flag, or the words of their nation’s anthem will reinforce their belief that life at KUL Nation is easy, comfortable and offers the highest limits of happiness.

Price List

Kul Nation -Possession Dec 2016
SN Particulars  Area Price
1 1 bhk +1T   434 sq.ft. 32 lacs onwards
2 2 bhk + 2T 771 sq.ft.  52 lacs onwards
3 2.5 bhk + 2T (Study) 1010 sq.ft 66 lacs onwards

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